I'm Maggie Haughey.

You can call me wayward.

I like to think about the internet, language, community resilience, and how science-fiction can brighten up our activism. I play with words, illustration, and arduino to build more lush worlds and communicate in multimedia.

I'm a 2018-2019 Mozilla/Ford Open Web Fellow.
During my fellowship, I worked with the Tor Project to build their community, make their documentation more accessible, and integrate a system to help Tor better listen to and implement user feedback.
I also ran multiple workshops intended to open up safer and more welcoming spaces where women and nonbinary folks could learn about Tor Browser and digital security.

Currently, I'm creating a series of digital toolkits to help people who are experiencing harassment protect and care for themselves.

I'm also looking for work, so if you'd like to collaborate, let me know.

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