Co-editor and illustrator for 'Love-Online' zine
(date of publication tba)

'Device for Interstellar Travel' for 'Love-Online' zine
(date of publication tba)

'AHH... (Anti-Harassment Handbook)'
(published October 2019 under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license)


'Si hay futuro,' created in collaboration with Lili_Anaz to accompany her piece, 'No hay futuro sin memoria colectiva.'
(published September 2019)


The Interconnected Journey: Our Bodies, Our Sci-Fi! <3
(presented with Lili_Anaz at the Internet Freedom Festival 2019 and MozFest 2019)

Tor presentation at MozFest 2018
(presented at MozFest 2018 with Cy83113)

Sembrando el anonimato
(presented at La chinampa hacklab in CDMX in April 2018)

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